Here is a break down of the Phase 1 upgrades. The order in which we upgrade will be determined by need and funds available. 


We will be upgrading the lighting and sound systems, cameras, seating, adding a permanent stage extension along with stairs and rails to the stage, and new stage flooring. 


Former Auxiliary Gym
Our new community room will feature new paint, floors,  sound and lighting, and acoustical treatments. 


There will be a full replacement of the chiller plant with high efficiency equipment sized for future additions. This will all be relocated with future additions in mind.


Both the main lobby bathroom and the community room bathrooms will feature vinyl plank flooring, updated ceilings,  new bathroom fixtures, and lighting upgrades.


New lighting and signage will be placed at the southwest corner of the building. Images shown are subject to change.


Our West Campus will receive flooring, paint, and fixtures updates to the worship center, offices,  lobby and bathrooms.

God is in the story of Avalon and in the stories of our people. We are all IN THE WORKS!

Mary has watched Avalon grow over the years, and in case you missed it in our service, you can watch Mary's story right here! Included are some great pictures from the early days of our church. God has been, and still is, at work in the lives of the people of Avalon. And He's at work in the amazing things coming to our building and all that we can provide our church family and community!
Lucas may be battling one health issue after another, but God is IN THE WORKS with Lucas and the entire Reish family! Here is a beautiful story of how Josiah and Victoria turn to God to walk with them, to lean on Him, and to know that God is working in their lives and Lucas' life. The Reish family is IN THE WORKS!
As we embark on a new capital campaign, IN THE WORKS, we gathered some of our most creative minds to collaborate on future building projects. Check it out...
Avalon is IN THE WORKS! Great things are happening in our building and in the hearts of our people. Check out all that is happening here at Avalon, and let's be IN THE WORKS together!