Avalon Kids is currently not meeting in-person. However, discipleship does not end because a building space is temporarily closed.  Utilize our Family Worship Time material and weekly Bible lesson videos and activity pages to connect with your children.

Avalon Kids is about helping kids know God, love God, know people, and love people.

Avalon Kids ministry offers big surprises for the little ones in your family. We know they need a safe, secure and nurturing place where kids can discover the love of Jesus. Every week kids hear a Bible story that is reinforced with simple songs, play time, and supervised activities designed just right for each age group.
What is Family Worship Time?
It's TIME to WORSHIP God as a FAMILY. We believe the best way for families to connect is to engage in God's Word together. This is how trust is built and honest conversations begin. That's why we are equipping you to lead your family. When the foundations of faith begin in the home, families on mission are formed.

What does Family Worship Time look like?
  • Bring your family together and take 10 minutes each day to ask what the high point and low point of everyone's day was.
  • Read the daily scripture passage from the reading plan together.
  • Discuss the passage by answering the question, "what is this passage saying and how should it impact the way we live?"
  • Close by spending time in prayer together as a family. 
Click HERE for January's reading plan!