Experience one-on-one discipleship and learn how to disciple others.

Important Dates

Internship Dates: May 29 - August 6, 2023
Registration Deadline: March 31, 2023


Avalon provides a salary and covers all ministry expenses. If needed, Avalon will help secure housing.

Summer Camp

Experience life at Summer Camp! The cost of camp is completely covered!

CRIC Cohort


Avalon partners with CRIC, an internship cohort offered through the Central Region of the Missionary Church. Experience 4 Cohort training days with interns from around the region.
This internship will help fulfill hours needed for college credit or practicum.


Avalon Kids
Avalon Youth
The vision of Avalon Church is to equip every day people to create disciple making movements wherever they are. Disciple making movements don't begin until we are discipled ourselves. 

That's why a core focus of this internship is discipleship. You will be discipled and you will get to disciple others. So what is discipleship? Put simply, it's teaching ourselves and others how to obey Jesus.

The next core focus is to sharpen your skills and gifts to prepare you for what's next. You'll get to take part in strategic planning for Family Life ministry, learn to create and use existing curriculum , lead large and small group discussions, and learn how to partner with schools and organization in the community. 

Our summer internship includes an Avalon Kids focus or Avalon Youth focus but we also have the flexibility to give you experiences in both settings if that's your desire. 

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