Parent Resources


We want to provide you with a parenting toolbox - a place to go for resources to navigate tough parenting questions or to grow together as a family in your faith. Whether you needs ideas for family devotions, prayers, parenting help, or a podcast to encourage your day, we feel these resources are a great place to start!
Parent Cue is produced by our elementary aged curriculum, Orange. The goal  of this webpage is to "cue" you as a parent with what you need when you need it so you can be the parent you want to be. Parent Cue offers amazing resources from an app to a podcast. You can find activities, tools for spiritual growth, and more all measured by phase of life. Get inspired for family time activities and find amazing parenting resources like work charts, cell phone agreements, and more! Click here  to take you to
Parenting is a mission field. Our home is ground zero for spiritual growth, safety, and building loving relationships. It is also the first place where there is tension and grief. We want to partner with you to keep families healthy and connected. Discipline That Connects meets every Sunday at 9 AM in Room 204. This class is full of resources for your parenting journey. If you are interested in joining, follow this registration link!
Need a perspective on Genesis for kids? Here's a great book to read through with your student on creation!
This link holds AMAZING tools, book links, conversations starters and so much more to help you as a parent navigate the mental health of your child or teen!
You might have seen Robbie and Sadie at Camp Blast! They offer families creative, fun, and relatable object lessons through their website and YouTube channel. Find more here
Need some motivation? Listen to a podcast while you wash dishes, get ready for your day or taxi your kids from event to event! Christian Parenting Podcasts provide a variety of podcasts to inspire, direct, build faith, and entertain you or your kids!
Kayla Craig is an author who creates beautiful prayers to guide parents through a complicated world. Follow this link to access her webpage for prayers and ideas.


 Every phase is a timeframe in a kid’s life when you can leverage distinct opportunities to influence their future. During each phase, there are critical conversations each child needs to have: Technological Responsibility, Sexual Integrity, Faith, and Health.

The Life Maps function as summary charts to inform parents and give an overall picture of the unique characteristics of each phase to help engage kids in these timely conversations. The maps help you see upcoming phases as well as phases they may have already traveled through.

The Life Maps are divided into sections by phase with specific strategies, questions, and words you can say to engage your kids in a meaningful, practical, age appropriate way.
The hope is that by identifying your child’s developmental needs, you can parent with more intentionality and confidence.